Argentine Assets 1 ends with a great solo performance by darkly handsome Carlos Morales (not the Venezuelan-American porn star of the same name). Longhaired Carlos shaves his face, leaving a dark chinstrap beard that accents his angular handsomeness very well. Then his black shorts plump up in the crotch while he admires his reflection in the mirror. When he flops his dick out of the shorts, it's easy to see why he can get turned on to his own image. Even soft, it's a monster. Carlos hops in the shower and lathers up, and his huge dick just seems to get fatter every time he runs his fingers over it. Then he sits on the ledge in the tub and starts to seriously jerk off, and his dick gets even bigger (not an exaggeration at all, he's easily the best hung in a cast of very well hung men), turning into a long, thick club that his fingers almost can't reach all the way around. Carlos' abs get taut as he spurts, covering his hairy crotch with cum. Carlos' thick meat rests on his thigh as the scene fades out.