Horny Javiar Martin buys a gay skin magazine, intending to go home and whack off (been there, honey), but he gets a double dose of the real thing when he meets Sasha Borov and Diego Vicente on the street (okay, so I've been there, too). Sasha, Diego and Javiar get into a hot three-way suck session to get things rolling, and once again the scene includes a lot of hot kisses in addition to blowjobs. No magazine in the world (or DVD, for that matter) can compare to the way Sasha and Diego give Javiar all the dick he can take, one fucking him while he sucks the other. Javiar loses it while he's being fucked missionary, and then both his playmates shoot their loads, Sasha on Javiar's torso (with his six-pack abs defined and flexed, yum) and Diego stroking his out on his hairy lower belly while Javiar and Sasha watch.