Ricky and Aries (Part 2)
 Aries was just put thru an intense tickle torture session by Master Tickler Ricky. Exhausted and horny, Aries starts treating Ricky's big Asian cock like a big stick popsicle. Aries really reaches the depths of his throat, reaching his lips as far down to the base of Ricky's cock as he can get. The two lovers suck each other in a 69 position and the two hotties suck each other good and hard. Aries wants that cock up his gay Asian ass so he lubes up and sits on it. Ricky then picks little Aries up with his cock still in his ass and does his signature stand up fuck then lays him on the edge of the bed and drills his ass making Aries moan. Ricky strokes Aries hard cock while he's fucking him and then pulls out and blows his hot wad of cum on Aries delicious smooth brown flat tummy.
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