Dylan Dies Laughing
 Starring: Dylan, Mike, and Ricky
Welcome to our new model Dylan. This adorable Asian cutie is 19 years old and we found him browsing in the mall browsing shoes. One hour later we had him strapped to the bed for a hearty tickle session. Yeah, you can tell he's a shy one, but when you're ticklish, it's hard to hold that embarrassing ticklish laughter inside for very long! When I got his shoes off, I fell in love with his silky smooth, perfectly shaped feet and soles! Needless to say, Ricky and I searched every inch of his body for his most ticklish spots and manipulated them in our expert way to produce some of the cutest giggles and teen laughter I've ever heard! This is his first tickle experience and you will be seeing more of Dylan in the future. Enjoy this cutie!
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