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When Gianni arrives straight from the gym he looks a little disappointed when he sees there are no girls waiting for him...I make him strip down as he talks about having to fake his orgasm on two different occasions so he could save his nut for the session! I lube him up and start stroking his monster to life, then I let him play with himself for a time. When I engage him in conversation about the porn flick I ask him to stand up so we can see his beautiful ass... Gianni says he hurt his ''stroking'' hand at the gym so I offer to help him out. Although he's reluctant at first he lets me continue, but when I move in to suck his cock he pulls away. I offer him more money to let me stroke off his nut and he agrees; Gianni then expels an amazing load six feet across the room! I guess Gianni figured out there weren't going to be any girls - ever - because he never returned after this session... Troppo Difettosi! VIVA GIANNI!
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