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After peeling off several layers of Hip-Hop threads (the ''ice'' stays on) Enrique picks out an inspirational porno and before you can say ''Hoo Wee! Look at the size o that thing!'' , he's good to go . I lick and stroke and suck his big piece and you can tell he s loving it! I take out my cock and start to stroke it, and when I stand and present Mr. Bill to Enrique, he swoops down on it and gives it a little taste! As I go all the way down on his cock I ask him: ''Does that feel good?'' ''Hell, Yeah!'' he replies. In no time he's blowin' a massive load which I proceed to devour . I scoot up next to him on the sofa and after he lubes my cock and starts to stroke it with both hands, he coaxes out a hot creamy load . Watch how long he cleans the hand that took my load - but he seems ok with what happened . I think the next level is upon us!
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