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For a straight boy, Buzz doesn’t get it much from his girlfriend (and mother of his children) because he hasn’t nutted since his last visit (10 days!)… He strips down and lays back, waiting for the best blowjob of his young life! I chew on his balls, then lick up and down on his shaft making it rock hard before we have one of our “cock fights” (my cock now is as hard as his!)… Buzz starts to stroke me and guide me towards his butthole, so the legs go up and the cock goes in… Down on the floor Buzz assumes his favorite position, sucks me a little (for good luck) and then pushes all the way back on my cock… “Is it in?” he asks as I reach around and jerk on his throbbing dick… I flip him over and begin to blow him, coaxing out a huge load of “US Grade A” baby batter… I fade the scene out but then decide to make Buzz get me off… “Come here and suck it a little before you leave.” I insist and Buzz dives between my legs making me shoot a massive load… Vinnie’s getting spoiled!!
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